As a small business owner, your truck fleet is essential for delivering goods and services to your customers. As such, a primary concern should be keeping them in working condition. Taking them to a dealer is one option, but you may find that mobile tire repair offers advantages that could be helpful for your company. Here are a few benefits of this service.

Why You Should Get Mobile Tire Repair 

1. Money-Saving 

Our technicians will meet your fleet on location when necessary. Their services often cost less than the price of towing the vehicle to the shop and then paying the mechanic for truck repairs. While they’re changing the tires, the technician will also inspect the other tires and determine whether they need any maintenance so that you can avoid future breakdowns.

2. Convenient 

Having a maintenance technician meet your fleet isn’t only cheaper for your bottom line; it also eliminates the necessity of having the vehicle towed elsewhere. After the technician performs the necessary tire repairs on the road, the vehicle can return to business immediately.

It also saves you the trouble of figuring out how to move your products elsewhere until your fleet is ready to drive again. Roadside technicians are available at any hour of the day, so you don’t have to wait for the shop to open or make room in the schedule.

3. Better Customer Service 

When the same technicians take care of all tire repairs for your fleet, they can become familiar with your needs and personalize their service for you. Also, they still carry the most up-to-date tools and equipment. That means that you can enjoy their superior customer service without sacrificing quality. 

To get mobile truck repair for your fleet, contact Texas Commercial Tire in Hutchins, TX. With experience in tire repair and installation, they’re happy to help businesses throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth area run smoothly by getting their trucks out on the road safely and quickly. In addition to 24/7 emergency services, you can also schedule repairs and alignments as necessary. Call (972) 225-6640 or message them online to discuss your need and ask questions.