If you notice your truck is not handling as smoothly as it should, you might need a wheel alignment. Without it, your rig could experience premature tire wear, reduced fuel economy, and dangerous steering problems. The guide below outlines some warning signs of an issue. 

What Indicates Poor Wheel Alignment?

1. Pulling to One Side

Wheel alignment is controlled by the suspension system, which is very sensitive to damage. If your truck is jarred—for example, from hitting a curb or pothole—it affects the angle at which your tires meet the road. This can cause your vehicle to pull to one side. 

Your truck should drive straight with only a little pressure applied to the steering wheel. If you have to continuously hold the steering wheel at a slight angle to keep your truck moving forward in a straight line, then you probably need wheel realignment. 

2. Abnormal Tire Wear

Poor alignment causes your tires to turn against the road at improper angles and with uneven pressure. This results in excessive wear and tear and can drastically shorten your tires’ life spans. It can also reduce your truck’s gas mileage by causing your engine to work harder to turn the wheels.

Ideally, your tires should wear evenly across the treads. If you notice excessive wear on the inside or outside edges, look into wheel realignment and tire replacement.

3. Loose or Unstable Handling

Your steering wheel should naturally return to the center position after you complete a turn. If you have to apply pressure to get it recentered, it could mean you have poor wheel alignment. Misaligned wheels can also cause your steering wheel to feel loose, resulting in your vehicle drifting across the lane as you drive. The steering wheel may also vibrate at high speeds.

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