A semi-truck’s tires must have the proper air pressure levels to stabilize its load based on wheel position and encourage safe driving. This is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). Here are answers to frequently asked questions about this measurement and how to look after your truck. 

A Guide to PSI for Semi-Truck Tires

What is the correct PSI?

Check the load and inflation table published by the tire manufacturer to determine this. Usually, these guidelines are based on ambient temperatures of 70 degrees. Overinflation leads to uneven tread wear and an increased risk of blowouts. Meanwhile, underinflation causes problems with vehicle handling, so staying within the recommended range is essential.

What influences this pressure?

The tire size, brand, and how much weight the truck carries affect pressure levels. There will likely be different specifications for a trailer, steer, and drive tires. Weather and outdoor temperature changes can cause pressure fluctuations, generally affecting inflation thresholds. To avoid the consequences of over and underinflated tires, it’s important to check your tire pressure once a month. Even without leaks, your tires will still continuously lose pressure.

How is PSI checked?

Insert the endpoint of a pressure gauge into the tire’s air valve to measure the pressure level. Keep in mind that the air inside the tires contracts during colder weather and expands in hotter weather. Because of this, if you check the PSI in the morning, it might not have the same reading in the middle of the day. Try to be consistent about when you take your measurements. 

How should tires be inflated?

Park the semi-truck close to an air dispenser. Start by checking the air pressure level of one tire with a gauge. Use the dispenser’s air hose to add in short bursts of air until the PSI is in the recommended range. Repeat the process on each remaining tire. This should ideally be done before driving when the tires are cold. 

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