Commercial tires are designed for heavy-duty use. They are engineered to travel thousands of miles and over all types of terrain while maintaining safety, stability, and fuel efficiency. Below, learn about the seven primary parts of a commercial tire.

Components of a Commercial Tire

1. Bead

The bead attaches the tire to the rim. It is a layer of rubber, steel, and wire that essentially holds the tire together in the event of a reduction in air pressure. It also offers support for the rest of the tire and ensures it maintains its shape. 

2. Belt

Belts, also called breakers or crown ply, are steel cords bonded to the rubber. They join the tread to the carcass and bind the layers of the tire together. This also helps minimize the risk of punctures, tears, and other damage.

3. Carcass

The carcass is made of fiber cords attached to the rubber to form a frame around the inner liner. Its main task is to keep the shape of the compressed air within the tire. The amount of pressure and load the tire can handle is regulated by the carcass.

4. Inner Liner

The inner liner consists of rubber and comprises the innermost portion of the tire. It holds in air to maintain the shape of the tire and prevent leakage. Most commercial vehicles have a synthetic rubber inner liner, which provides a high degree of strength, durability, and longevity.

5. Sidewall

The sidewall is situated between the bead and tread. It is made of flexible rubber, which protects the carcass and inner liner from damage. It also gives the tire a slight amount of springiness so that it can adjust smoothly to different types of terrain.

6. Tread

Tread is where the rubber meets the road—literally. It is the outermost layer of the tire and is made from a combination of natural and synthetic rubbers. The thickness of the tread shields the tire from damage and heat.

7. Undertread

Undertread is another layer of both synthetic and natural rubber. It helps the tire retain cooler temperatures. When a tire is retreaded, the retread rubber is bonded to the undertread.

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