As a fleet owner, you likely know the importance of commercial tires in your everyday operations. As such, it’s of high value that you understand two factors that impact these amenities: how to select the best ones, and, once you’ve made the investment, how to keep them in top-quality shape. To move forward well educated, consult the guide below. 

How to Select the Best Commercial Tires for Your Needs 

First, consider how the tires will be used. For example, will your drivers be dealing with unpaved, off-road travels? If so, opt for traction tires that provide the grip and support needed to ensure steadiness and safety while managing these unpredictable surfaces. Conversely, will they be mainly used in cities that require a lot of stopping and going? In this case, you’re better off with urban tires, which are designed to prevent wear and tear when faced with persistent stop-and-go traffic. 

Next, consider the climate. If your routes take you to many areas with varying climates, for example, all-season tires are ideal. Conversely, if your routes take you to areas that get precipitation and colder temperatures, opting for tires that provide adequate traction is crucial.

How to Maintain Your Commercial Tires

Once you’ve determined the best variety for your needs, you’ll need to keep up with proper maintenance to make the most of your investment. First, check the tire pressure before each shift. If they seem low, inflate them as needed. This will help prevent the possibility of blowouts or flats, as well as improve fuel efficiency.

Then, focus on proper alignment. When the wheels are all aligned properly, the weight of the vehicle is evenly distributed. If they are misaligned, one tire might experience significantly more wear and tear than the others, leading to premature replacements. 

The same concept applies to rotations. Regular rotations help ensure even tread across all tires. The rule of thumb is to rotate each tire when it’s at about 4/32-inches worn. 

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