Maintaining the tires on your semi-truck ensures each trip you take is safe. However, taking long journeys and driving over potholes can disrupt the alignment of the tires, preventing you from driving safely. When this happens, scheduling a prompt truck alignment resets the position of each wheel. If you’re curious about this service, below is a brief overview about why it is important.

What Does a Truck Alignment Involve?

When you take the truck to a mechanic, they will start by checking the suspension. They will adjust the shocks, springs, and sway bar so that the wheels make contact with the road properly. To do this, they use a device that positions the wheels and the axles so that they all move in one direction, helping you make smooth turns and avoid accidents. Generally, this process takes about an hour.

When Is It Necessary? 

Often, you will only need a truck alignment once or twice each year. However, this schedule can change if you drive on rough surfaces often, as this will require more frequent service. Also, if you hit a large pothole or curb, the alignment of a wheel may be off, requiring you to take it to a mechanic immediately.

If you’re unsure when you are due for a truck alignment, pay attention to how the vehicle handles. If it seems to pull to one side or the steering wheel appears off-center when you drive straight, the tires are not aligned properly. The truck may also shake or vibrate when you accelerate. Poor alignment can even cause the tread to wear unevenly and produce a squeaking noise as you drive.

What Are the Benefits?

Aligning the tires regularly increases your semi-truck’s fuel efficiency. When the tires are not aligned correctly, they have more friction with the ground, forcing the engine to work harder than necessary to accelerate and maintain the correct speed. You’ll also drive more smoothly and protect the integrity of the tires. That will prevent issues like feathering, which occurs when one part of the rubber is smooth and the other is rough.

If you need a truck alignment to ensure your tires are safe, contact Texas Commercial Tire. They have two Texas locations in Hutchins and Temple, and offer truck repair, tire balancing, and new tires to ensure your safety on the road. Visit the website for more information about their services. Call (972) 225-6640 to reach a representative in Hutchins, and dial (254) 321-9961 to schedule an appointment at the Temple location.