Did you know that changing your air filter can increase your car’s fuel efficiency and prolong its engine life? The air filter’s job is to deliver 10,000 gallons of clean air to the engine for every gallon of gas burned to enter the engine. Though it’s only one small component among the many that make your car run, the air filter plays a big role in how your car runs and how long it runs. 

Car engines need an equal amount of fuel and clean air in order to run efficiently and smoothly. To make sure that your engine receives only the cleanest air and prevents damage from small dirt and particles, air filters for cars are installed.

The major benefits of keeping your auto air filter clean are: 

Better Fuel Economy — If your car doesn’t get enough air, your car will consume more fuel than it otherwise would. Your air filter plays a role in how efficiently your vehicle uses fuel.  A clean air filter will help your car go farther on a tank of gas than it would with a dirty filter. 

Protected Engine — Your car gets hit with bugs, leaves, debris, water, salt, mud, and countless other things. Some of those things are tiny but once they get in your engine, they can cause big problems. Auto air filters stop all that gunk from getting to your engine. If the air filter is dirty, it can become blocked and restricts airflow.

Performance — If you allow your air filter to get too dirty, the engine’s performance will go down. The engine may stop running entirely. Your engine needs air to function properly so it can perform the combustion process.

Increased Engine Life — Change or clean your car’s air filter regularly to increase the life of your engine. If the gunk and debris from the environment get into your engine, it results in damage to the internal engine parts. 

Lower Emissions — A clean air filter helps with the emission system of your vehicle. A dirty or clogged filter will prevent the emission system from doing its job. Keeping proper air flow in your car reduces emissions.

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Keeping the air filter clean is one of the easiest ways to prevent costly repairs in the future. Not maintaining your car properly can result in needing to buy a new car much sooner than you anticipated. Proper maintenance is required if you want to keep your car in tip-top shape. Regularly cleaning and replacing your filter will help extend the life of your vehicle, as well as its individual parts.