Roadside assistance isn’t always at the forefront of one’s mind when operating a semi-truck. However, issues can quickly develop that leave you stuck on the side of the road and waiting for truck repair. Here’s a closer look at what might cause you difficulties and what you can do to keep yourself safe. 

What Are the Causes of a Breakdown?

Tire blowouts are one of the common reasons large trucks find themselves in need of roadside assistance. They can occur when there’s not enough air in the tube or when the tread wears down, causing your tire to become susceptible to punctures. 

Brakes are another area where issues tend to appear, as regular exposure to the heat of the road and pressure changes can cause excessive wear. Those that develop air leaks or corrosion will have difficulty maintaining their grip and won’t be able to slow the truck down sufficiently. 

How Can Drivers Prepare? 

If you’re driving for a commercial fleet, have a number on hand for requesting commercial truck assistance or know a way of easily obtaining one. 

Mark areas along the road where there are safe pullover zones to give yourself something to aim for in the event of a breakdown. Always secure an inspection before heading out to confirm that everything is in good condition and won’t cause delays. 

What Should I Do When the Truck Breaks Down? 

Remain calm. Check your mirrors to ensure that the roadway is clear and slowly ease your truck over to the side of the road, using flashers to signal to other drivers that you are in distress. Once you’ve come to a complete stop, shut off the engine and carefully exit the cab when there’s an opening in traffic. Set up flares a few feet behind the trailer to increase visibility. 

Walk around and see if you can determine the cause of the issue. This will make it easier for roadside assistance to bring the proper tools to offer help. For example, they may be able to change a tire on the side of the road or at the nearest commercial truck stop, or they may have to transport your vehicle to a mechanic for truck repair. Remain inside the cab until they arrive to reduce the risk of injury. 

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