While truck tires are sturdy, they are still susceptible to damage. Blowouts can cause the driver to lose control, particularly at highway speeds. Fortunately, you can minimize the risk by keeping the tires in top shape with the following practices. 

How to Prevent Truck Tire Blowouts

1. Check Inflation

Tires that are under inflated by 25% or more are three times more likely to cause an accident. This is because under inflation leads to more sluggish handling and stresses the rubber, allowing heat to accumulate. As the product overheats, it becomes more likely to blow out or separate. 

Prevent this issue by having all drivers check the tire pressure of their vehicles before each haul. Inflation levels should remain within the recommended range, which is typically inscribed on the sidewall.

2. Maintain Them

Every fleet needs to follow a strict preventive maintenance program that includes regular inspections and services. 

Scheduling tire rotations and wheel alignments will help prevent uneven tread wear, improving traction and reducing the risk of blowouts. During inspections, technicians will also determine when tires need to be replaced, making vehicles safer on the road. 

3. Follow the Maximum Weight Capacity

Overloading a truck with cargo stresses its tires. The heavy vehicle may carry too much momentum, which makes it harder to stop and handle. 

Each state has regulations for gross weight allowances on interstate highway systems. In addition to having trucks checked before departure, ensure that drivers know the maximum cargo loads for their vehicle, so they can also monitor levels. 

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