As a fleet manager, it’s up to you to ensure that work trucks are equipped with the right batteries. Suitable varieties offer longevity and high performance, helping prevent a need for truck repairs. Here’s everything you need to know about battery options and maintenance to maintain efficient vehicles and protect your business’s reputation.

Types of Truck Batteries to Use

The wet cell starting battery is the most commonly used option. Typically referred to as a flooded cell product, it’s popular both for its affordability and versatility. It’s usually used in mixers, logging trucks, dump trucks, and other vehicles that can’t be idle for extended periods. It’s designed to support elevated electrical loads, so it’s also ideal for vehicles that have significant power needs, including delivery trucks, sleeper cabs, and buses.

Another option is the absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery. This product is ideal for newer trucks in your fleet that might have more advanced technological needs. The AGM cycles efficiently and offers potent cranking power. The key to its increased stability is the inclusion of fiberglass mats, which help the battery resist impact, boost output voltage, and minimize internal resistance. Reducing resistance contributes to decreased charging times, minimizing the risk that you’ll need truck repairs due to sudden failure or heat loss. This battery is often used in heavy-duty vehicles, like refrigerated trucks, mixers, and lift gate trucks. 

Tips for Keeping Truck Batteries in Top Shape

No matter what battery a vehicle has, driving for long stretches of time is vital to its functionality. Going on the road for only a short distance doesn’t allow the unit to recharge power lost while in transit. Lengthier, frequent drives are essential.

Corroded terminals are also common. Regularly clearing grime and dirt buildup is the best way to prevent rust from developing over time. To do this, scrub the terminals with a stiff brush dipped in water and baking soda to break down the accumulation. Then, you can spray the debris away with cold water. 

Finally, be mindful of warning signs that may indicate that a battery is about to fail. The engine may start slowly, and common accessories like lights and radios may function erratically. Instructing drivers to keep electrical accessories off when the truck isn’t in motion can help batteries last longer, but exposure to inclement weather can reduce battery life span.

Safety is paramount, which is why the team at Texas Commercial Tire is committed to helping fleet managers maintain their trucks. Serving business owners throughout the DFW Metroplex and Central Texas areas, the family-owned-and-operated company proudly offers truck repairs, new tires, and preventive maintenance to ensure a safe journey every time. They also provide battery replacements. Visit the website for more information about their products and services. To schedule an appointment, call (972) 225-6640 to contact the Hutchins location, or (254) 321-9961 to reach the Temple office.