If you’re a truck driver that’s always on the road, engine troubles can be overwhelming. Therefore, it’s important to identify any problems so that you can schedule truck repairs. Here are a few common issues many people have with diesel truck engines. 

What Are Some Common Diesel Truck Engine Problems?

1. Hard Starts

If your diesel truck can’t start up, there could be an issue with the fuel compression system inside your engine. Sometimes, fuel is not delivered properly to the combustion chamber, and it may take several tries to start the engine. Unfortunately, if too much fuel enters the chamber, the engine may become flooded. If you encounter this issue, schedule truck repairs to test your ignition and fuel delivery system.

2. Colored Exhaust

When your truck is running, check the color of the exhaust leaving the tailpipe. Properly functioning trucks should emit clear exhaust. If your diesel engine releases exhaust that is black, blue, or white, there could be an issue with your engine. 

Black exhaust can be caused by too much fuel in the combustion chamber. It can also indicate a problem with the engine’s air intake and lead to long-term engine damage. Blue-tinged exhaust can be due to failing piston rings, valve sleeves, or turbocharger seals. White smoke might mean that the fuel isn’t burning properly. It’s important to bring your vehicle in for truck repairs to address these underlying issues. 

3. Engine Noise

Pay attention to any new sounds your engine may be making. Knocking noises indicate a problem with the fuel injectors, and banging noises mean too much fuel is burning off. Drive your vehicle without music playing for a few hours every day so that you can pay attention to any new noises. If you still notice any unusual sounds, schedule truck repairs. 

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