While truck tires are highly durable and made up of several layers, they sustain a lot of wear and tear and eventually require replacement. If it’s time to replace one of them, you can pick an all-purpose option or a product designed for a specific part of the vehicle. Here’s more information about different types you may need and how their positioning impacts their design.

What Are the Requirements for Different Truck Tires?

1. Steer 

These are attached to the cab at the very front. Steer tires are also referred to as all-position tires because they can be used on the drive or trailer axles. When positioned on the steer axles, they need to be frequently checked because of the amount of pressure they endure from grazing curbs and overall handling. 

Since these are used to steer the entire vehicle, any wear on them can have a significant impact on your fuel usage. In general, these truck tires should be replaced every 100,000 to 150,000 miles.

2. Drive 

Sitting on the torque axles, drive tires provide traction for your semi. This means vehicles driving in areas with icy conditions require high-traction options to get the best grip on the road. 

The location of these tires contributes to how your semi turns, which can impact fuel economy and safety. Change them at least every 350,000 to 500,000 miles.

3. Trailer 

Located in the back of the rig, these truck tires are built to endure frequent braking. They carry most of the vehicle’s load and need to be heavy-duty to withstand curb damage. 

Trailer tires focus on traction, weight handling, flexibility for road contact, and stability. Because of their placement, they can be prone to overheating if the trailer’s weight distribution is uneven. These tires typically need to be replaced every 200,000 to 325,000 miles to ensure safe traction.

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