Quality commercial tires are essential to any fleet or trucking operation. However, even the best tires will eventually need to be replaced, and your business will suffer the fewest interruptions if you can spot the signs early and replace tires before they completely give out. Here are some indicators to look out for while driving or completing pre-trip inspections. 

How to Tell It’s Time for New Commercial Tires

1. Vibrations While Driving

Vibrations while driving often indicates misalignment, which causes tires to make uneven contact with the road and wear down more on one side than the other. If one side of the tires becomes bald, they’ll likely need to be replaced prematurely. Follow up on your maintenance services for wheel alignment to ensure your wheels are aligned for all road conditions.

2. Cracks or Bulges

While inspecting your tires, look for any deformities along the sides that may indicate excessive wear or damage. For example, many tires crack or bulge along the sidewall. This is an indication that the tire is defective or worn to the point of being compromised. Bulging will gradually burst and cause the tire to fail catastrophically.

3. Decreased Tread

The minimum legal limit of tread depth for drive and trailer tires is 2/32” and 4/32″ for steer tires, according to the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA). Bald tires with less than this amount of tread are prone to slipping or spinning out. During your inspections, check the major grooves in tires to make sure they’re at least that deep. If they’re under 6/32”, start thinking about replacing them shortly. Additionally, look for any bald spots; even if the rest of the tread is intact, these may decrease your control over the vehicle. 

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