Having your truck aligned ensures the tires make even contact with the road and are centered in the wheel wells. This service offers a number of benefits, including better gas mileage, longer tire life, and a smoother riding experience. But, first, you need to know when truck alignment is required; here are three common signs to look for.

How to Tell if You Need Truck Alignment

1. Uneven Tread Wear

When a truck is out of alignment, not every tire will meet the road in the same way. This often results in uneven wear because some tires are contacting the road surface with greater pressure than others. On a commercial truck, this wear can occur very quickly. It’s a good idea to check your tread depth every couple of weeks. Tread depth gauges are affordable and can be found at any commercial tire retailer. Some tires have built-in tread indicators; when the tread aligns with the indicator bars, it’s time for an alignment and, likely, new tires.

2. Steering Wheel Pulling to One Side

If a truck is misaligned, it will often pull itself in the direction of the imbalance. Drivers typically feel this movement in the steering wheel, which will start pulling toward the side of the truck with the misaligned tire. This occurs even when trying to drive straight and requires constant correction. Bear in mind that the jerking movement may be minimal, but it shouldn’t be ignored. Always have the problem checked out by a professional as soon as possible.

3. Increased Vibration

As they attempt to stay moving in a straight line, misaligned wheels tend to exert pressure on the vehicle’s axles. This can create an uptick in vibrations that you feel in the cabin, making for a very bumpy ride. To minimize the risk of the axles cracking or breaking, take your vehicle in for a truck alignment right away.

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