Commercial trucks operate differently than other vehicles. Everything from commercial tires to brakes can impact the driving experience, and thus the experience of other cars on the road. If you regularly drive around semi-trucks or other large vehicles, the following tips may improve safety. 

What to Know When Sharing the Road With Semi-Trucks

1. They Intentionally Leave Space in Front of Them

You may notice large gaps between them and the vehicles on the road because of the weight of the commercial truck. Depending on their speed, they may require multiple truck lengths to stop if carrying a heavy load. If you notice a large open space ahead of a semi, do not cut them off, as this may make it more difficult to stop if needed. 

2. They Need Extra Room to Turn

Since commercial trucks are longer than regular vehicles, they have a larger turning radius. In a tight intersection, they may need to turn from a different lane or veer off to the other side slightly in order to make the turn. If you see a semi with a turn signal on near an intersection or freeway exit, try to leave extra space for them to fit. 

3. They Have Large Blind Spots

Most drivers can only see behind them using their side and rear-view mirrors. Commercial trucks have the side mirrors, but no rear-view mirror since the trailer would be in the way. Their vehicles also cover a much larger area, which means they have larger blind spots. Generally, assume that a commercial truck driver cannot see you unless you can see their mirrors. If you can’t see these, avoid changing lanes or swerving around them. 

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