On a tire, the tread is the rubber that hits the road. Tread is designed with deep grooves to give your car friction and keep it from skidding or slipping during a drive. There are three main types of tread for commercial tires. They all have different qualities but perform the same job of keeping you and your vehicle safe. Review the guide below to know more about the different types. 

Which Type is Best for Your Car? 

1. Directional

Directional commercial tires have grooves on both sides of the material. They meet in the middle and slope downward, resulting in a V-shape. So, if the wheel ever runs into water, this shape will guide and push out all the incoming liquid. This resistance to wet conditions makes it a useful tire for rainy and snowy climates. 

Directional tires work best when they keep rotating in the same direction: front to back, or back to front. If the vehicle needs the wheels to rotate in a different direction, they’ll need to be remounted and reinstalled. This will keep the rubber from losing its grip.  

2. Symmetrical

As their name suggests, symmetrical patterns use vertical lines and look the same on both sides of the rubber. They are the most common design to find on commercial tires because the tread lets the driver rotate the wheels in any direction without hurting the tread’s integrity. This makes them great for regular passenger cars instead of high-performance vehicles. 

3. Asymmetrical 

Asymmetrical patterns are unique. They use two completely different tread designs on both sides of the rubber; the inner design helps displace water, while the outer helps control grip when moving on dry surfaces. This helps them resist wet weather like directional patterns and turn in multiple directions like symmetrical patterns. These qualities make them ideal for high-performance sports cars. 

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