If your business uses a fleet of vehicles, keeping them maintained properly will save money. Commercial tires and engines need more care than the average car. Here are some ways to keep your trucks safe on the road.

How to Care For Your Commercial Vehicles

1. Keep Your Fleet Clean

If your fleet is clean, it’s easy to detect issues like deterioration, corrosion, and rust early on. Encourage your drivers to clean and maintain their vehicles on the road. A dirty vehicle will make a bad impression on potential clients.

2. Create a Fleet Inspector Role

Keeping up with the maintenance that your vehicles need can be overwhelming. Certain jobs can fall through the cracks. One solution is to hire a dedicated fleet inspector to keep your vehicles in good working order. They can do oil changes, change the commercial tires, and clean the engines. You can also assign these responsibilities to a current employee.

3. Take Good Care of Your Tires

The pressure in your commercial tires can impact fuel economy and handling capabilities. Your fleet inspector should check the tire pressure before and after long trips, and your drivers should check it on the road. Pay attention to the degradation of your tires. Even if you replace your whole fleet’s tires simultaneously, they’ll wear out at different rates due to alternating weather. Have your fleet inspector look at the tires regularly to spot wear and tear.

4. Instruct Your Drivers

Not all of your drivers will know how to inspect a truck for issues on the road. Before they go on their first trip, teach them to perform essential tasks like checking their commercial tires and tread wear. This will make accidents less likely and prevent injuries, shipping delays, and lost revenue.

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